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A Few of My Favorite Things!!! February 23, 2010

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1. NEW PB&J Larabar! These taste just like a peanut butter& jelly sandwich, but without the bread and convenient form.  I LOVE them and even found them at TJ Maxx the other day

2. Fage 2% yogurt- usually my breakfast with some cocoa and stevia, what can I say I wake up with a sweet tooth!  We recently found big containers (I think 20 ounces) at Whole Foods.  You save over $2 by buying the bigger containers  (I hope they come to Costco soon)!

3. Stevia extract- I was a big Splenda addict through my weight loss, not good :/  . But then I thought there could be something wrong with my adrenals after taking an oral steroid for my asthma and chemicals were then outlawed!  I tried no sweetener, but that did not work so Stevia it was.  I only like the Whole Foods brand, but they do count as a vitamin towards your vitamin card.

4.   Target flavored coffee-  as a dwindling Starbucks addict, cinnamon vanilla nut ground coffee is def a good replacement for my skinny cinnamon dulce latte.

5.  Cinnamon-  I swear this was my number one weight loss tool, I put it on everything.  It levels your blood sugar (a component of PCOS) and makes everything taste sweeter.

6.  Whey protein powder, I am now addicted to protein pancakes!  I currently use Jay Robb’s, but does anyone have any other faves?  I think I am ready for a new brand.

7.  ZUMBA!!! I just went to a class tonight!

8. Sriracha- I put it on stir fry, eggs, raw veggies… everything and anything.

9.  Stinging Nettles- the cure for all allergies, I have tried every allergy prescription and taking two nettles just does so much more.

10. Any Teavana tea, especially the raspberry green tea.


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