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Emotional Eating March 11, 2010

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So.. I have an interview today and its making me pretty nervous.  I usually do not feel the nerves for a first interview at all and I do today, which is not good.  But it is also not good that I ate a bunch of chocolate chips (like handfuls) with my breakfast because of my nerves.  I do not even think I was that hungry :(.  But I also popped a magnesium supplement in case my body really just needs more magnesium than I am giving it and hence my chocolate craving.  I do no know.  I have not done the emotional eating thing in a really long time, and usually when I get nervous my stomach just does not want food but that was not the case today.  I did, however, weight myself this morning and i was down 2 pounds from my disappointing weigh session a couple days ago, so that’s exciting!!

Last night we had some brown rice sushi from Central Market, it was pretty amazing (sorry I did not take pics)!  Marianne had a spicy assortment, with tuna included of course, and I had a california roll because I could not find salmon.  Not as good as the homemade sushi we constructed a few weeks ago (which I will talk about sometime soon), but still really good.  Tonight we are making stir fry with flank steak, broccoli, onions, peppers, and prob some mushrooms with a soy/ lime juice marinade; should be good! 

I also bought The New Rules of Lifting for Women yesterday at Barnes & Noble and I think I will start trying those workouts next week.  I am excited/ hesitant because I really do not think I am that strong, but I guess that just means I have a lot to do to improve it!  I additionally ordered a few fitness DVDs from amazon that should be arriving today or tomorrow, so I will let y’all know how they are once I try them!


3 Responses to “Emotional Eating”

  1. april Says:

    I ordered that book too! I’m waiting for it to come in.. I’ve heard it’s an excellent program!

  2. Kitty Says:

    wow! I have just been browsing your blog, you are quite an inspiration! I wish you the best with your weight loss journey!!! Can I ask what Zuma is (without sounding like a live in a cave?)

    Diary of a Morbidly Obese Woman Joining a Gym

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