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Improvement Needed March 14, 2010

So this week has been a big fail on the 40 day move every day challenge, but that just means a big marginal improvement this week, right?!  I have done No More Trouble Zones twice (including today),  I did Zumba Monday and Tuesday, and I can not remember doing any other exercise this week 😦  I think I am also going to go for a little jog soon because it is just too pretty not to!

I did order the Meltdown Yoga by my fav Jillian Michales, the Shiva Rea Creative Core Abs, and Zumba Advanced DVDs.  They came in Friday and I need to try them, so they will def keep me busy and motivated this week!  I am also going to try some workouts from New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I am actually really excited about it because even before losing weight,   I would strength train and loved it!  I just did not really know what I was doing, so it did not produce results.  Well, actually I am also hypothyroid and I was not on thyroid meds at that time, so any attempt at weight loss and getting fit would not work until I was treated with hormones but that is a topic for another post. 

I also think I am going to Austin at the end of the week, which should be so much fun!  I went to school at UT and my old roommate still lives there, so we are going to have some girl time.  I think we are actually also even going to try to fit in some of my fav workout classes that I used to take in college.  I had a favorite kickboxing instructor that has never been replaced since moving back to Dallas.  All of the classes I have tried here just do not compare!  He was just so upbeat and fun but hard at the same time!  There is also a Pilates class that I loved that I will def have to revisit as well.  We are also planning on doing some classic Austin things like going on Town Lake and wandering around South Congress looking at all the cool jewelry/ vintage stores.  Should be a nice trip with hopefully beautiful weather!

So, I have also been doing a meditation CD that has really put me in a positive mindset and helps me sleep really well.  Don’t judge, but its the Dan Marino Think and Lose CD.  It just makes me feel more at peace with my body as well.  I think there really is something to having the right frame of mind to lose weight.  Have any of you all read the IntenSati book?  Same concept of positive thinking to lose weight.  I bought the book after seeing it on the Today Show, but I have not really done anymore than skim a few pages.  What do you think, is some of losing weight in your mind?

Ok, well I am kind of all over the place today.  I think it’s from my allergies since I was outside all day for the St. Patty’s Day Parade and block party downtown.  It was fun, but lots of pollen in the air does not do my body good.  I did take all of my allergy meds in the morning and popped nettles throughout the day, so it could be worse if I had not done so.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo Erin


Weight :( March 8, 2010

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So I just weighed myself for the first time in about two months.  In the past two months,  I have upped my thyroid medicine and also increased my cardio.  I also thought not being chained to the scale would really help in some way as well.  I figured my weight would be down like 5 pounds- ish, no such luck :(.  It was down about 1 pound.  I know, I know one pound is better than nothing, but I still feel like it should be better.  I also know my muscle mass has increased, so I probably lost more fat but it is still really disappointing!

Well, I already knew that I have been snacking too much and that I need to control this with a food journal.  But I have been adding in a lot more veggies.  But I was also trying coconut oil in cooking and making protein chocolate, but maybe that does not agree with my body?  I think I also need to chang up my workouts.  I need to add more cardio but also some weight training.  I am thinking I need to buy The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Any suggestions?

UPDATE:  So, this is all I have been thinking about for the last hour because I am really disappointed by this gain.  I think I need to phase out nuts and coconut oil,  I do not think my body can handle the fat.  I also think I need to go back to measuring everything I eat.  In the past couple of months I have changed birth control and all of my hormones have been really screwed up, but my doctor says I need to stay on it for 4 months before everything is regular (it has only been 2).  I wish I could just get off BC all together, but due to my PCOS I cannot 😦 , I do not get my period if I am not on the pill.  When I was losing weight, I was using Splenda instead of Stevia, I wonder if my body could not handle the Splenda and just did not digest it.  I just don’t know.  Sorry for the negative post, I just do not know where to go from here,  I feel like I am doing anything I can.


Food Journal and Exercise Rut

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Goals for this week:

  • Start food journal (discussion below)
  • Do JM No More Trouble Zones 3 times
  • Add more veggies to each mini meal
  • Be religious about taking allergy meds
  • Send out resumes times 50!
  • Get to Zumba at least 3 times
  • Go to Hot Yoga
  • Make something new and interesting for dinner


So, starting tomorrow (I need to find a spiral)  I am going to start food journalling (is that a word?).  I am not going to track my calories, but I feel like I have been doing a lot of unnecessary mindless eating which is not good.  When I lost my 35 pounds, I would track my calories online.  But I found myself a little too obsessed with the numbers (I am a math kind of person) and I would end up eating lower calorie foods that usually contained too many chemicals.  I do not want to get like this again, so I am just going to simply write down everything that I eat and make sure I am getting my daily water and veggies in.  No daily plate, just a plain, old spiral so that number crunching and minimizing does not ensue.

I want to lose 5 to 10 more pounds (not only for vanity reasons but it would also help my PCOS), and I think getting rid of my mindless eating could really help in reaching this goal.  I have also been doing more cardio in order to accomplish this.  Zumba is my new favorite thing, it really is just fun to me!  I am actually thinking about getting the Zumba DVDs because Zumba is only offered 3 times a week at my gym :(.  I know, I sound a little DVD obsessed lately, but I just need a change in routine and do not know where to start.  I think I need more strength training and a better mix of cardio, but I am just not inspired lately.  Does anyone have suggestions for routines?  Help a sista out, lol!