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Emotional Eating March 11, 2010

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So.. I have an interview today and its making me pretty nervous.  I usually do not feel the nerves for a first interview at all and I do today, which is not good.  But it is also not good that I ate a bunch of chocolate chips (like handfuls) with my breakfast because of my nerves.  I do not even think I was that hungry :(.  But I also popped a magnesium supplement in case my body really just needs more magnesium than I am giving it and hence my chocolate craving.  I do no know.  I have not done the emotional eating thing in a really long time, and usually when I get nervous my stomach just does not want food but that was not the case today.  I did, however, weight myself this morning and i was down 2 pounds from my disappointing weigh session a couple days ago, so that’s exciting!!

Last night we had some brown rice sushi from Central Market, it was pretty amazing (sorry I did not take pics)!  Marianne had a spicy assortment, with tuna included of course, and I had a california roll because I could not find salmon.  Not as good as the homemade sushi we constructed a few weeks ago (which I will talk about sometime soon), but still really good.  Tonight we are making stir fry with flank steak, broccoli, onions, peppers, and prob some mushrooms with a soy/ lime juice marinade; should be good! 

I also bought The New Rules of Lifting for Women yesterday at Barnes & Noble and I think I will start trying those workouts next week.  I am excited/ hesitant because I really do not think I am that strong, but I guess that just means I have a lot to do to improve it!  I additionally ordered a few fitness DVDs from amazon that should be arriving today or tomorrow, so I will let y’all know how they are once I try them!


Not a want but a NEED for chocolate! March 1, 2010

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So my earlier moodiness was not just because of my low blood sugar but because of my hormones, yayy!! I thought I was getting better about controlling my spikes and dips in insulin with my eating, and I was quite disappointed that I was snappy when we got home because I had not let myself get like that in a while.  Come to find out it was not those hormones controlling my attitude, but my womanly ones.  I did not even put two and two together until I needed to dip into my coconut oil chocolate a la Averie that I made the other day and then was still wanting more.  So…. I made BROWNIES! 

A few weeks ago I experimented with the typical black bean and banana recipe out there for diet brownies, and even though I enjoyed them they were still too banana-y and too runny.  So tonight I had to improvise since I did not plan for this want need for brownies.  The only beans I had in the cabinet were black soybeans, so they were the starring act

Also in the mix: Agave, pumpkin, a little yogurt, dark cocoa, vanilla extract, and soymilk + a little cinnamon (not pictured)

End result: I promise it tastes much better than it looks!

So.. I do not have exact measurements since I was kind of winging it, but I used the whole can of black soy beans, a splash of vanilla, two big spoonfuls of yogurt (about 4 T), two little spoonfuls of pumpkin (I would guess 2T), a couple splashes of soy milk to get desired consistency (I would guess 1/4 c.), and cinnamon and Agave to taste.  The experiment turned out well!

I hope the rest of your Sundays went well, happy Monday!

xoxo Erin


COSTCO and Chocolate February 28, 2010

So we finally went to Costco to buy the usual, broccoli, Pellegrino, spinach, some kind of protein for dinner tonight and stirfries throughout the week, and Larabars.  I forgot how crazy it gets on Saturday, but there were ohh so many samples to keep me distracted from the crowd 🙂  I was also thinking about buying another Jillian Michaels DVD because I love her No More Trouble Zones workout, but there were none to be found, sadly. 

I also went to the Pilates of death class today, formally known as Pilates core fusion.  I have a love/hate relationship with this class because it is hard and I am always in pain and barely make it through the whole hour.  I had not been for two weeks, so it really kicked my booty!  I was talking to the instructor for tips to get stronger before her next class since my missing it for two weeks really made me weaker, and she said come more often!  haha I really like her and will make sure to go to her Tuesday and Saturday class this week!

Yesterday I made Averie’s (of Love Veggies and Yoga) Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate and loved it!  I changed her recipe just a little:

1 T Coconut oil (melted with the Agave)

1 T Agave Nectar (Instead of her 1.5T)

1/2 t vanilla extract

2 T Cocoa powder

I added in a drop of mint extract with one batch and it was good as well! Peanut butter would also be good in this recipe.

Tonight we are grilling pork tenderloin for dinner.  I did a marinade of miso dressing with Sriracha, should be good!  We are also broiling some brussle sprouts with some cayenne, onion powder, salt and pepper and making a spinach salad with miso dressing and some mushrooms.  We will see how everything turns out!

Have a great Saturday night!

xoxo Erin