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Weight :( March 8, 2010

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So I just weighed myself for the first time in about two months.  In the past two months,  I have upped my thyroid medicine and also increased my cardio.  I also thought not being chained to the scale would really help in some way as well.  I figured my weight would be down like 5 pounds- ish, no such luck :(.  It was down about 1 pound.  I know, I know one pound is better than nothing, but I still feel like it should be better.  I also know my muscle mass has increased, so I probably lost more fat but it is still really disappointing!

Well, I already knew that I have been snacking too much and that I need to control this with a food journal.  But I have been adding in a lot more veggies.  But I was also trying coconut oil in cooking and making protein chocolate, but maybe that does not agree with my body?  I think I also need to chang up my workouts.  I need to add more cardio but also some weight training.  I am thinking I need to buy The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Any suggestions?

UPDATE:  So, this is all I have been thinking about for the last hour because I am really disappointed by this gain.  I think I need to phase out nuts and coconut oil,  I do not think my body can handle the fat.  I also think I need to go back to measuring everything I eat.  In the past couple of months I have changed birth control and all of my hormones have been really screwed up, but my doctor says I need to stay on it for 4 months before everything is regular (it has only been 2).  I wish I could just get off BC all together, but due to my PCOS I cannot 😦 , I do not get my period if I am not on the pill.  When I was losing weight, I was using Splenda instead of Stevia, I wonder if my body could not handle the Splenda and just did not digest it.  I just don’t know.  Sorry for the negative post, I just do not know where to go from here,  I feel like I am doing anything I can.


2 Responses to “Weight :(”

  1. april Says:

    Hang in there girl!! If you have ANY questions or concerns about increasing your calories or about lifting, feel free to email me! Lifting weights will drastically increase your fat burning and will change the way you look, I promise! 🙂

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